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  Frequently Asked Questions

Why use AML Air Air Conditioning?
At AML, we will provide you with practical and easy to understand advice based on your own personal requirements and budgets in mind. Once the appropriate system has been decided upon, your installation will be completed in a professional and courteous manner.
Our trained staff will then demonstrate the use of your system and answer any queries you may have.

Who is AML Air Conditoning?
We are an Australian business, based in Bayside with over 25 years experience in the industry. Our domestic (residential) and commercial air conditioning systems, installations and servicing are of a high professional level.

Does AML supply the unit?
Yes, AML can provide the unit  for you and offer free advice to which system would best suit your situation.

Will the system be visible in my home?
Split systems have two units (indoor and outdoor). The indoor unit is rectangular and is mounted high on an internal wall (unless you are purchasing floor mounted variety) The outdoor units are located on an external wall as close as possible to the indoor unit.
These can either mounted high on brackets (two storey homes) or on concrete slabs on the ground.
Ducted systems also have Indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit is mounted within your ceiling space above the return air grille (generally in hallways) this unit is always out of sight, a lot of people do not know they even exist. The outdoor unit is located on the side of your home that is less visible, providing adequate air circulation, on concrete slabs.
Location of these units can be discussed with our representative, if alternative locations are desired this can be discussed during your quotation.

When is the best time to buy and organise my installation?
The best time to buy is between Aug and Nov as this is when the Air Conditioning season commences. This time is not as busy and you are more likely to get a time that suits you and wait less time for your Air Conditioner to be installed.

How often does a system need maintenance?
Filters on your system should be cleaned monthly if used daily and Bi Monthly if used occasionally.  Once a year is ideal for a maintenance visit by AML on your air conditioner.

Can I air condition certain areas in my home and not others?
Split systems will air condition the room they are in or surrounding areas if open plan. Ducted systems can be designed with designated zones, to air condition either all of your home at once or specific rooms individually.

Do systems heat and cool?
If you purchase a reverse cycle system, you can enjoy controlled temperature all year round. Cooling only systems can be purchased and we will advise you upon seeing your house and what you have already installed if anything.

Do I require a power upgrade for my new system?
Some older style houses that haven't been rewired, may need a mains upgrade. It all depends on the size of the Air Conditioning unit which is being installed. We will advise you if this is required and be able to assist you in having this done.

How are air conditioning units controlled?
Split systems are controlled either manually or with an infra-red remote. Ducted systems are controlled generally through a wall mounted controller. This panel controls temperature settings, fan speeds, humidity levels and timer functions. These panels will also display error codes on some brands of systems.